How would you fix the NHS?

  • Any new government starts by wiping out historic organisational debts
  • Cost Improvement Programmes are suspended for at least 18 months
  • The NHS starts planning on the basis that there may be a “fixed budget” but until you can really plan for costs linked to people being ill (most people do not plan to be ill) there should be an annual 10% flex in the system
  • Immediate freeze on any major new system implementations that have not started but are being “planned”
  • Any major systems that are in the process of being upgraded, it must be agreed that they have a working life of at least five years
  • Make sure that staff start receiving training on the use of MS Teams, Sharpoint and anything else where this type of thing was introduced during the pandemic
  • Get rid of post except where there are accessibility or stakeholder requirements – that will improve the speed of response and reduce postal costs (ok – it might put Royal Mail out of business)
  • Encourage ownership of mistakes – the team or the organisation that got something wrong has the responsibility to make it right
  • Insist that legal deadlines are met – staff personal preference about whether a SAR or FOI should be responded to should be shot down
  • Insist on quality rather than quantity – efficiency is not the same as effectiveness
  • Make it a condition of use of the NHS that patient data will be used for research and population health management – that is not the same as profiling or targeting people or that anyone is really interested in who they are

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