How we are set up

  • Technically, we are a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) – but the reality is that we are a Micro Business and have no intention to be anything else.
  • We are set up in a way that allows the customer to gain access to skills and knowledge that we have, or that we can find for them. This means we do not have big offices or a large footprint.
  • Traditionally, most of our business has been gained based on word of mouth and reputation – and that reputation is important to us.
  • Expect a brilliant service from us but DO NOT expect us to be like big business. If you do, our costs have to increase.
  • Our quotes are competitive and that means at times they may look too good to be true. We do not believe that competitive means being the same as everyone else, and that makes us stand out
  • If you want us to work via an agency we will and we have a good working relationship with Blue Pelican Home – Blue Pelican

How we can help with capped rates and changes to IR35

  • This is something that we are really aware of – we have to be if we want to stay in business.
  • We can help with ensuring that rates fit in with current agency caps and also ensure that new IR35 requirements can be complied with.
  • REMEMBER – if you are a public sector organisation, the responsibility for complying with IR35 has shifted to you and away from the contractor. It will mean that you have to make some decisions about how work should be delivered, but sometimes change is good.
  • The key change is that work cannot be delivered the way that it used to be – if you need someone on site 5 days a week, the best way is simply to get someone on a temporary contract or through you Staff Bank.
  • We will not any circumstances undertake an IR35 role and we have to be up front about that.

Terms and Conditions

  • Our standard terms and conditions for customers and contractors are available on request OR are made available as we start thinking about doing business with each other.
  • Sorry, but our turnover means that we have to charge VAT.
  • Our standard payment terms are 30 calendar days from the date the invoice was issued.
  • Our rates are competitive and based on cash flow – the sooner someone pays, the lower our prices can be.
  • We do accept longer payment terms, but that is based on the organisation and what we know of them.
  • For contractors, the thing to remember is that we pay you when we have been paid. We make a point of telling you when funds have been received and then what has been transferred to you.


  • We are a legitimate business and how you pay us is important.
  • All payments should be via electronic transfer to our named bank account.
  • Every now and then we get paid by cheque, but we never accept cash.