About our Consultants

All our consultants have extensive experience of working across ALL organisational types.

GRG also has access to a range of permanent, in-employment healthcare staff, who undertake occasional pieces of work, bringing with them their specific skills and up-to-date, frontline experience.

Other Consultants

We can bring in specialist staff to support projects.

Anyone we use must have a proven background in their speciality area.

Nick Murphy-O’Kane

Acute, CCG, Private Sector, GP Practices Specialised Commissioning with extensive  experience linked to commercial arrangements.

Curtiss Green

Acute, Mental Health, CSU, CCG, AQP, CTP, NHS Business Partner, Private Sector, GP Practices with a general interest in all IG issues (especially because was part of the national team that launched IG)

Keith James

Acute, Mental Health, CCG, CSU, AQP, CTP, NHS Business Partner, GP Practices, Private Sector specialising in Information Security and with a nursing background

Admin Team

We have our own Admin Team.

One of the services they provide is linked to maintaining an FOI service for an Acute Trust.


GRG is part of the kNg+ Group and you can follow us on LinkedIn.