About our consultants

Nick Murphy-O’Kane

Acute, CCG, Private, Specialised Commissioing with extensive experience linked to commercial arrangements

Curtiss Green

Acute, Mental Health, CSU, CCG, AQP, CTP, NHS Business Partner, Private Sector with a general interest in all IG Toolkit issues (especially because he was part of the national team that launched IG)

Keith James

Acute, Mental Health, CCG, CSU, AQP, CTP, NHS Business Partner, Private Sector specialising in Information Security and with a nursing background


GRG does have a LinkedIn presence and we do occasionally contribute to online discussions. Our key focus though is to remain grounded and practical and out ability to generate repeat business comes down to being able to deliver – and not just talk about a subject.

We also have access to a variety of people with varied backgrounds, depending on what is needed.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.