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Faith representatives, spiritual care and the NHS

If you have a faith or belief then I have nothing against that. Whether that faith or belief is compatible with data protection legislation is out of my remit. If the law does not specifically say as a faith representative that you can have access to patient records that is a reflection of the uncertainty

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DSPT Audit Time

Ok – it has been going on for the last few months and June is now submission time. There will be some interesting tweaks in 2024/25 but the key message has to be this is business as usual. Just like FOI or SAR, DSPT returns are business as usual. Workloads may be increasing but this

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Does data protection apply to MP’s?

I am not even sure they understand the issues. I think they see the job and how custom and practice supports them – not how the world has moved on. That is the only thing I am going to say about this election.

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Does Truth Matter?

That is the title on the Wetherspoon News – special edition publishing all of the redactions made by the press about them. The truth does matter but sometimes people and organisations do not want to hear the whole truth or rather a variation of the truth that they can deal with. Even with data protection

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Why I do not want to use AI to write for me

One of the good things about data protection legislation not changing is that it keeps the human element involved with automated decision making. There always has to be a person at the end of the chain taking responsibility. ChatGPT, Copilot and other types out there all have their place and are great for finding source

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When you know too much

That is not “I am going to blackmail someone” but more there is a point where you just know too much and people start to be threatened and/or they think you have been around too much. Some organisations will only learn when those people move on just how valuable they were. Experienced and knowledgeable people

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All change but no change?

With the election coming it looks like changes to data protection legislation are not going to happen (for now). Saw the perfect description of what was proposed today – a “curates egg” – something that was so bad that you had to say something good about it. That also means that a lot of the

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