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A certain individual is going to the ICO

Just proves that politics says one thing, having some things supported by the law means that you benefit, even where you disagreed with the people who made it law. I’m not sure whether they are going to win their case but the problems they have faced has raised the profile of data protection.

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Subject Access Requests are NOT a new requirement

The difficulty is the pressure it places on organisations because you cannot charge to provide a copy of what has been requested. For large NHS organisations that can be a significant cost burden with a lot of hidden costs, especially where you are asking clinical staff to take time out from their frontline jobs to

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No reason why organisations should not use it but they need to understand what it actually does Revealed: Metropolitan police shared sensitive data about crime victims with Facebook (

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Gambling and data protection

ICO backs new data sharing schemes to protect gamblers from harm | ICO – really not sure that if you have an addiction that this type of check will work and may have adverse consequences in the long term if someone turns their life around.

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Is 15 days a good response time?

Not if the answer you have to resolve requires you to find it in 2 days. The ICO has set up a service linked to finding answers to data sharing – pre-pandemic that timescale would have been ok. Post-pandemic expectations are higher with a need to work far faster.

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There are a lot of wasted resources at the moment

That is mainly because organisations do not listen to the advice they have paid their staff to provide. With IG, we have to be at the top of our game because of the speed of change and the need for the public sector to save money. Organisations will not save money if they do not

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Data quality

That basically means that the data we use is accurate, and when it is not accurate, we can put it right. There seems to be a fire-and-forget approach by a lot of organisations that seem to be if something is entered on the system and it is wrong, then no one has the responsibility to

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FOI – do organisations prioritise the function?

Not really based on this “They are failing their residents.” – ICO takes action against Croydon Council for failing to respond to Freedom of Information requests | ICO linked to Croydon Council and the fact that they actually got worse. It is a hidden cost burden for any public sector organisation (same with SAR’s) where

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