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With a combined experience in the industry of over 50 years, the data protection and Information Governance practitioners at GRG have been at the forefront of past and recent changes in legislation and guidance.

This now includes the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA18) and the Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT).

We work together with clients to find lasting solutions that not only meet ever-changing regulatory requirements, but also save time and money.

GRG provides services for every type of organisation that need to meet current data protection standards, including Acute Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups, as well as private companies delivering care within the NHS or through the public sector.

There is a large element of it is not what you know but who you know at this point in time and we have an extensive network of contacts.

We are members of the National Association of Data Protection Officers.


Why choose GRG?

Organisations use us because:

Decades of combined experience at the highest level in Information Governance

Access to experts in every discipline

Competitive, transparent pricing

A proven track record of delivering on time and on budget

About our services

GRG specialises in finding answers to the often-put information sharing questions “How can we do this?” and “How should this be done?”. That now includes ensuring that legal basis is always established to comply with GDPR.

GRG’s range of expertise also covers associated services, such as managing the recovery of outstanding payments for the treatment of overseas patients through to frequent attenders or the legal issues linked to waiting times initiatives.

About our consultants

All our consultants have extensive experience of working across ALL organisational types.

GRG also has access to a range of permanent, in-employment healthcare staff, who undertake occasional pieces of work, bringing with them their s pecific skills and up-to-date, frontline experience.

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GRG Services Discussion Forum

Our new discussion forum has been launched to enable industry professionals to discuss sector related issues (or to just push the boundaries). You can find the discussion board under ‘News’ in the menu.

Competitive pricing

At the same time as offering support of the highest quality, GRG’s clear pricing structures are also highly-competitive.

Working with GRG can deliver considerable benefits, while also significantly reducing your overall costs.

No quick fixes

Legislation, guidance and requirements are constantly changing. Quick fixes or workarounds are simply not an option.

Real change is based on real answers, the kind that GRG delivers.

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