An average week

  • Query linked to whether a patient can stop HIV diagnosis being recorded in their medical record
  • Counter fraud query about someone working in 2 places at once
  • Finalising having contacted x thousand staff about a data breach
  • DSPT audit season which have been a nightmare
  • Staff SAR’s
  • Helping fast track a new system across Acute and GP’s
  • Helping researchers get the paperwork through the system
  • Politics, politics and politics
  • Being supportive to colleagues whether it is work or personal
  • Enjoying an afterwork pint of Stella unfiltered – like going back to the naughties

A week later it ranges from IVF, death through to a query around surgery on someone backside.

If you are using peoples data in the NHS you need to know who they are and what they are experiencing – you cannot do that if you just refer to them by their NHS Number.

That is why data quality and accuracy is so important.

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