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NHS Mail – why it is not fit for purpose

The original intent of NHS Mail was to provide a secure way of sending patient information between NHS organisations and other a period of time that start to include other organisations as well.

Like anything to do with the NHS it evolved rather than have a clear plan about how it should be rolled out and take up and has then been caught up in the changes around who does what.

We now have a situation where decisions about its use 3 years ago that were hidden away in the detail are starting to be applied and it is now an all or nothing scenario – you either use NHS Mail entirely or you move towards o365 which has encryption functionality.

In other words you are now going to have a fragmented process that will only create incidents and basically there will be less assurance in place.

That is on top of the corporate governance issues linked to ownership and accessibility to data, how you manage starters and leavers and how you are supposed to start pooling resources to support the N3 replacement

The reality is that NHS Digital want the resources without the responsibilities and is increasingly becoming a burden on everyone else.

Maybe the question is not around NHS Mail but whether NHS Digital itself is fit for purpose.

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