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That was the week IG went out with a whimper

Holidays and Fridays are the preferred dates for organisations to start releasing the stuff that is important BUT they do not want people to realise it has happened.

It has been like that this week and the reality is that through a series of different activities we have seen the future of IG – and it is not a good one.

Most of it comes down to saving money for NHS Digital (or generating it which is another story) but rather than being transparent it has instead tried to manage the message whilst hoping that no-one really works out what the message really is.

It is even trying to relaunch and whilst it has a lot to do with data it has very little to do with care.

At least facebook and whatsapp are honest about what they are doing even if the ICO is looking into recent changes

3 years in from being created NHS Digital and NHSE have fallen into the common trap of still thinking that they are new organisations – they were and now they are established organisations whether they like that or not.

They should know by now what they should be doing, what organisations are looking for from them and what they should be delivering on.

So how does all this impact on IG?

The reality is that they are going for light touch monitoring and passing responsibility away from them to the CQC who do not really want it.

They want organisations to focus on cyber security – protection rather informed decision making – is it legal.

They are more worried about protecting activities that probably should not be happening rather than working on providing assurance that when information is shared it is for the right reasons.

Welcome to the future of IG – and the future is back where we started all those years ago.

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