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NDG Review- has it missed the point?

A quote from someone that I would not always agree with:

“Most worrying for me is the potential for key elements of IG such as consent management, confidentiality, data protection, records management and improved information sharing to be thrown out along with the proverbial baby and bathwater. Suggestions that the improvements to the IG Toolkit might simply be to replace it with a data security toolkit looking at no more than the 10 ‘new’ security standards focussed on the digital 2020 agenda seem to me to risk missing the reality of the here and now.”

IG and Data Protection is not just about information security – it is about why data was used in the first place and the working out the appropriate safeguards.

That is why the concept of Privacy by Design is critical – otherwise it is Privacy but Only Because We Have to Because We Have Been Caught Out.

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