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Almost 2 months and no posts – why?

2 months since the last post – why?

Because there are still mixed messages coming out and with NHS Digital (new name for HSCIC) being forced to sign an undertaking (no organisation willingly signs one) anything and everything is possible.

At times IG is the forgotten service but think – what would happen if you couldn’t use the data that supports your business? There is a reason why IG is there and there is a reason why we offer our services.

Because there are so many mixed messages it has taken time to try and work out what the critical ones are.

The IGA conference did not help because all they could say was that everything was with the Secretary of State for Health for decision but they could not say what he was actually reviewing.

Purdah and Brexit does not help either.  Wider political considerations are now impacting on what should be business as usual.

So what are the critical messages?

The main one has to be do not forget about IG or think that because someone else has taken their eye off the ball that you can bend the rules or pretend that things have changed.

What was still valid 2 years ago is still valid now.

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